Bo130 & Microbo — O Sole Mio

Bo130 & Microbo — O Sole Mio


O Sole Mio by Bo130 and Microbo. Giclee print on 270gsm archival stock.  Edition of 25. Marked with the official Bo130 and Microbo stamps and supplied with a certificate signed by the artists. 59.4cm X 84.1cm.

Bo130 - Born in 1971 in Milan, where he currently lives and works.

Bo130 imagery is a trip into his state of mind. In his work, childhood memories get into the mix with Jazz, Hip Hop and Dub music, different cultures, food, sex, comics, alien stories, calligraphy and tribal art; everything gets remixed and layered in a very controlled yet spontaneous and intuitive order …almost like a mental archive of an alien visiting our planet. The result is a lysergic juxtaposition of colors and shapes, stratified in different techniques, exploring and blending printed and hand drawn techniques, analog and digital, mouse and brush, acrylics and spray paint ,stencils, stickers and markers.

He refers to his painting style and techniqueas “Annunakian Tribalism”. During the 90’s he lived in London and short periods in New York. In London he studied at Central Saint Martins and graduated in Graphic and Media Design at London College of Communication. Hooked in the graffiti game since 1985,  through the years he has consolidated valuable experiences with galleries, museums and walls around the world.


Microbo - Born and raised in Sicily, Microbo now lives and works in Milan.

In the 90s, following her studies and a wonderful adventure as member of an underground publishing collective, she moved to London, where she busied herself with graphic design and multimedia.

In London she met Bo130, and together they established a life-changing artistic and personal collaboration. Living, invisible, organisms are at the core of Microbo’s work, as she takes what she defines as “original life forms” and revolutionises the organization of their relationships to create a new visual breed of surreal and unique living creatures in motion.

Her paintings and drawings are indeed a science-fictional microcosm consisting of filaments, seaweeds, humus (as in leafy mulch not the dip) and organisms living in space, in zero gravity, prompting an image of lightness, which represents the best part of existence.

The complexity of life is held within a microbe, the first living organism to make its appearance on Earth. Without microbes life would not be possible. Microbo acknowledges flaws in our cultural myths and is confident that the exploration of the smallest organisms will eventually provide the key to altering our perception of both the universe and humanity’s place in it.
Starting from the investigation of the microscopic universe, which is not perceivable to the naked eye, but essential to all that is called "life".

Microbo’s artistic work has turned into a quest for all that is invisible and yet constantly present in our daily lives, touching us deeply in our spirit ...



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