Phil Ashcroft - Yeti (arms up)

Phil Ashcroft - Yeti (arms up)


Edition of 120. Screen print of 175gsm colourplan. Signed and numbered by the artist. 42 x 29.7cm.

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Look what I found down the back of the plan chest! Before there were any Yeti's over Mount Fuji there was this. The imaginatively titled Yeti (arms up). This was the very first yeti image Phil made and it dates back to 1999, (a good 4 years before the fuji series). A little secret I can reveal is that the original study pieces that this was one of were actually drawings of a Star Wars Whompa toy, I'm not sure why we ended calling them Yeti's given our shared love of Star Wars, maybe we were scared of George and his lawyers. If that was the reason, apparently, by the time RYCA came along I was feeling a bit bolder. This small batch was part of a consignment I sent out to the Baltic in Gateshead. When the unsold ones were returned I stuck them in a drawer and clearly forgot about them and more besides because a recent sort through is turning up all sorts of gems like this.

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