Patrick Hartl - Layers 08

Patrick Hartl - Layers 08


Patrick Hartl - Layers 08 : Giclee print on 270gsm textured archival stock. Edition of 40. Marked with the official Patrick Hartl stamp and ‘KIN embossing. Supplied with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.  72 x 50.8cm.

Patrick Hartl is a German contemporary artist based in Munich. A passion for handwriting and lettering developed in his youth as a graffiti writer still informs a large part of his work and practice. His later formal studies engendered a love for calligraphy and stylised writing with deep roots in the gothic scripts of his native country. What comes out of these influences is a connection between the old craftsmanship of traditional germanic type design with modern street hand styles. His work can be deceptive, seemingly monochrome works on closer inspection reveal themselves to be the result of a multitude of layers of paint and mark making. Indeed his ideal canvas would be “a ten year old wall which has been bombed, cleaned, bombed again, crashed, washed, damaged, always telling a unique story”. Patrick is one of the worlds foremost urban calligraphers, one of a growing number of former graffiti kids who are discovering a rich source of inspiration in the letterform origins of modern graffiti as opposed to the stencil based work of many street artists. An avid collaborator Hartl belongs to the Calligraffiti Ambassadors, a worldwide network of likeminded artists. He has exhibited in galleries from NYC to Tokyo and has painted murals across Europe and beyond. ‘KIN ART has been following Patrick’s career and development for a few years now and is delighted to be finally working with him on these prints.

Patricks “Layers” series mark a new level of experimentation that grew organically from his 2014 project “Still Just Writing My Name”. A series of works on paper in different styles (tagging, calligraphy, abstract stuff) that are ripped up, mixed up and reconstituted collage style in new compositions.



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