Kelly Adams - Eyeship

Kelly Adams - Eyeship


Edition of 50. Giclee print on 270gsm archival stock. Each print is stamped with the official Kelly Adams stamp and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and 'KIN proprietor Ric Blackshaw. 59.4cm X 84.1cm.

Kelly Adams

I first became aware of Kelly's work a few years ago through the sleeve art she provided for Kiran Leonard. So, it's fitting that this first print we're doing with her should be some of that very same sleeve art. This print began life as the artwork for Kiran's Grapefruit album. I was struck immediately by her unique drawing style and imagination. Like Kiran's music, Kelly's art resists immediate comparisons. It's not that there are no influences baring on her work but they are mediated in a way that defies her young years. I've always took pride in my willingness to find and nurture new talent as it emerges, nothing excites me like finding someone new to launch on the world. The time and skill required to create such a complex and detailed drawing totally blows me away. There is something new in this print every time I look at it. I hope this will be the first of many editions I do with Kelly as her work progresses and her career takes off.

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