STENDEC - Sentinel 1

STENDEC - Sentinel 1


Edition of 25. Giclee print on 300gsm textured archival stock. Each print is stamped with the official STENDEC stamp and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and 'KIN proprietor Ric Blackshaw. 70cm x 50.8cm.


Graeme Turnbull, aka Stendec, is a Scottish Artist currently living in London. He grew up in Glasgow where his appetite for art was spurred on by the Uk's creative urban culture. He balances his time between working on high end commercial vfx projects where he creates stunning 3D imagery and his more primal hand drawn art, which is often limited to a basic palette of line and tone.

Stendec's paintings incorporate elements from his visual effects background, among a myriad of other influences including architecture, form geometry, negative space and street culture. He strives to create original work that does not conform to the visual tropes of traditional street art, by deconstructing architecture and toying with the building and breaking of perspective he creates geometrical paintings characterised with unpredictability and controlled chaos.

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